Route & Schedule

The MAN-A-MILE event happens every Canadian Thanksgiving morning. The starting line is on the path in front of Fort George, located at 51 Queen's Parade in Niagara-On-The-Lake. There is parking available at the Fort which is nearby to the starting line. 

Download the Route Map here

Ideally runners can leave their vehicle at Oakes park and be shuttled as a team to the start of their leg of the relay, and be picked up at the next exchange point when they finish their part of the relay.

Details about the exchange points are available here.

The route follows the path up the Lower Niagara Parkway to Stanley Avenue in Niagara Falls, where the route follows the sidewalks and streets to Oakes Park (5700 Morrison Street).

Immediately following the last team's arrival, the awards ceremony will start with the aim to wrap up event by approximately noon.