In 2013, corporate sponsorship was implemented as a way to help expand the quality, impact and sustainability of the Man-a-Mile Relay Race event. At that time, it was decided that MAM would donate from the proceeds to benefit non-profit organizations in the local communities. And the Arthritis Society was MAM’s very first beneficiary. Since then, MAM has been proud to lend its support to other local groups, charities and not-for-profits. This year’s proceeds will benefit Bridges for Autism, a Niagara Region not-for-profit organization.

We are proud to work with the great local businesses who’ve been able to donate services, products and/or time. Their corporate sponsorships have helped alleviate the expenses incurred in running an event of this type—from marketing, to the donation and  production of awards, trophies, our MAM branded, athletic shirts, to the supply of food and drinks for participants. Race permits, safety teams, photographers, and media equipment, and so much more.

We thank you all for the generous donations of time, supplies or monies—whatever you are able to help with, it is greatly appreciated. If you would like to help support this great event, and the amazing team from Bridges for Autism, please contact us today.  David Trotter, our MAM Event Director, is always happy to hear from you; info@manamile.ca.Thank you for your consideration!