Team Members

Team members in the Man-a-Mile Relay are the very core of why the event exists. Since the beginning of the Man-a-Mile, the types of teams have changed from city vs city to school teams, to running clubs and corporate teams (to name a few), and the variety of trophies given for different categories reveal this. The sense of excitement and camaraderie in the teams is obvious each year.

Here are a few things to note as requirements to be a participating runner/jogger/walker in the event:

  1. There is a suggested team size of 14 people (each person runs one mile), but smaller numbers of participants on a team is also welcome.
    The 2019 entry fees:
    1-7 people: $280/Team (=$40/runner for 7 participants). 
    8-14 people: $400/Team (=$28.57/runner for 14 participants). 
  2. If the team is fully registered and team payment is made by September 18, 2019 you all will get a shirt in your size. 
  3. A signed waiver will be provided by the team leader and is needed to be completed to participate in the event.
  4. Each runner must be at their exchange point on time. Runners of the first leg will be given specific start times from Fort George by the Team Leader (provided to the Leader prior to event by the Race Director).
  5. There will be refreshments (water/fruit) waiting for the runners at the finish line, however, please bring your own hydration (water etc) based on your own needs during participation.
  6. The anchor runner (last leg) needs to wear a numbered bib on the front of their shirt to assist with timing officials. This runner must return the baton to the timer.
  7. Please share the event and follow us on social to get the word out to your friends who might be interested!
  8. Any questions? Contact the Event Director here.